Managing Risk

The identification and management of risk is key to project success.

Agilis have developed a modern approach to project risk management that is significantly more successful at identifying elements of major project risk than traditional approaches. Our workshop process combines modern identification and mapping techniques to extract, combine and relate risk and risk management information across multiple project areas and organisations.

Our risk workshops are fast and efficient. They are designed to mitigate against individual cognitive biases (e.g. anchoring, optimism bias) and group issues such as idea fixation, unequal contribution and production blocking that are associated with traditional risk workshops.

Agilis have teamed up with CGR to provide an integrated risk management service that combines our Agilis collaborative bow tie project risk identification and aggregation techniques with CGR’s cloud-based risk management platform. This has the potential to drive a much greater level of engagement from teams, while also providing management with an “enterprise level” overview of risk across business units and geographical locations.

An improved shared understanding of the project risk landscape enables a more comprehensive, coherent and robust project risk management strategy. The effective engagement of the whole project team in framing risk and exploring responses actively promotes increased collaboration and innovation. We help you to identify risks before they become problems.