Collaboration Support

Collaboration is a social endeavour. Collaboration means sharing knowledge and working together towards common objectives.

Our Agilis toolkit of workshops and processes sets a context for collaboration that enables projects to:

  • Make best use of global expertise and a diverse employee base to promote innovation and share best practices;
  • Develop a “one team” culture across multiple organisations;
  • Create a culture of collaboration that will support innovation and drive operational excellence and organizational efficiency;
  • Create clarity around goals, issues, risks and value/benefits;
  • Improve the way in which they respond to new information.

Additionally, Agilis are able to provide a task focussed collaborative workflow platform through our relationship with Lytbulb that is simple and flexible enough to support collaboration at any level (within a project discipline, across disciplines or business functions, or across multiple organisations).

We believe that individuals and interactions are key to successful project outcomes – our processes and tools recognise the social context of the project environment to harness the full potential of project teams.