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Agilis participate in techUK briefing session: resilience and the cloud

Lakshan Saldin joined the panel at a techUK joint briefing session on 11th January to explore why having a resilient communications infrastructure is essential to realising the mass adoption and take up of cloud computing services across the UK. Key questions discussed: How important is it to have resilient, ubiquitous telecoms infrastructure for the cloud […]

Why projects go wrong

According to the PMI only 64% of projects completed in 2014 successfully met their original goals and business intent, with 15% deemed to be total failures. Project success rate decreases with increasing size, oil and gas mega-projects are particularly unsuccessful with a 78% failure rate including: average cost overruns of 33% execution schedule slips of […]

Being more agile in oil & gas projects

Traditional defined project control mechanisms require project scope to be broken down into well understood, discrete, interdependent tasks. This is ideal for activities where there is a clear picture of the final outcome and where there is low likelihood, requirement, or desire to accommodate change. Such approaches are well suited to the later detailed engineering, […]

How do you solve a problem like uncertainty?

Uncertainty is an inevitable consequence of undertaking anything but the simplest of projects. Whether the project is introducing a new business process or building an offshore oil platform sooner or later you’re going to be affected by it. So what is uncertainty? One of the best definitions I’ve come across is by Frank Knight in […]