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Why a compass is (still) better than a map

Back in late 2016 I wrote an article for the APM’s Project journal about how projects that adopt values-led approaches to leadership, rather than traditional controls-based approaches, were more likely to be a successful and positive experience for all concerned. Given how long ago 2016 now seems, I wanted to revisit what I wrote then […]

Values-led projects: why a compass is better than a map

Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Increased stakeholder visibility, combined with more uncertain political and economic environments, means that project managers need to adopt different strategies to ensure a greater chance of project success. Values-led projects article in APM’s Project Spring 2017

Why projects go wrong

According to the PMI only 64% of projects completed in 2014 successfully met their original goals and business intent, with 15% deemed to be total failures. Project success rate decreases with increasing size, oil and gas mega-projects are particularly unsuccessful with a 78% failure rate including: average cost overruns of 33% execution schedule slips of […]

How do you solve a problem like uncertainty?

Uncertainty is an inevitable consequence of undertaking anything but the simplest of projects. Whether the project is introducing a new business process or building an offshore oil platform sooner or later you’re going to be affected by it. So what is uncertainty? One of the best definitions I’ve come across is by Frank Knight in […]