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Why a compass is (still) better than a map

Back in late 2016 I wrote an article for the APM’s Project journal about how projects that adopt values-led approaches to leadership, rather than traditional controls-based approaches, were more likely to be a successful and positive experience for all concerned. Given how long ago 2016 now seems, I wanted to revisit what I wrote then […]

An exponential challenge

The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.Professor Al Bartlett You have a beautiful pond in your back garden. On Monday you spot a lily pad in one corner. By the end of Friday lily pads are starting to take over a noticeable area of the pond, if […]

The language of change: what is digital transformation?

Words are powerful. They can be used to articulate and communicate ideas and visions for the future. But equally our ideas and ambitions are shaped and potentially limited by the language that we use. Language is constantly evolving. However, words that have ambiguous or unclear meanings or that seem to be an exercise in sales […]

“Beyond the digital hype – delivering a better project”: Agilis present at IMCA Digitalisation Seminar October 2019

Kate Parker set out the wider context for the move towards digital technologies, and some of the opportunities and challenges that Agilis have found in establishing a new digital project mindset. “Beyond the digital hype – delivering a better project” Speakers from Equinor, BP, Abyssal, i-tech 7, WFS and Fugro shared case studies that demonstrated […]

Future Oil & Gas June 2019 Agilis join panel discussion “Designing and building a digital asset”

Kate Parker joined fellow panelists from WideTech, Aker BP, FutureOn Corporation and Siemens Oil & Gas Offshore for a panel discussion on “Designing and Building a Digital Asset”. The panel explored the interactions between people and technology, the importance of keeping a clear focus on value benefits, and the issues that arise in communicating new […]

How do you solve a problem like uncertainty?

Uncertainty is an inevitable consequence of undertaking anything but the simplest of projects. Whether the project is introducing a new business process or building an offshore oil platform sooner or later you’re going to be affected by it. So what is uncertainty? One of the best definitions I’ve come across is by Frank Knight in […]